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08 22 2023

The NCI Academy trains United Nations personnel and meets with UN leadership

From 31 July to 11 August, the NATO Communications and Information Academy (NCI Academy) received the United Nations C4ISR Academy for Peace Operations (UNCAP) Master Training Team for an intensive two-week instructor-led training programme.

This marked the beginning of the training element on the Signals and Information & Communication Technology Trust Fund Project of the NATO Defence Capacity Building (DCB) Package for UN Peacekeeping Training.

Week one of the programme saw the active participation of seven UNCAP personnel, who attended the Communication and Information Systems' Instructors course. This course focused on training future instructors in the application of instructing skills and competences. Throughout the course, UNCAP personnel gained valuable insight into leading edge teaching methods, communications techniques and strategies for fostering students' participation.

In the second week, the UNCAP personnel engaged in various workshops and technical presentations. Among others, the Course Control Documents Workshop, enabled them to gain a deeper understanding of the planning and preparation required to create effective training courses. The UNCAP personnel was also introduced to the Virtual Instructor Lead Training System, a cutting-edge technology that is revolutionizing the future of online training. Theory was followed by practice and the UNCAP personnel had the opportunity to experience the delivering of an online training in a classroom setting at the NCI Academy.

"This is the greatest opportunity for me, in terms of career enhancement, value addition to my current role and subsequent business development to UNCAP. The facilitators have been fantastic, and as a trainer, I have learned a lot. I will certainly be applying the knowledge acquired going forward," said Esther Ngotho, one of the UNCAP personnel.

The UN Director of the Operations Support Division, Anthony O'Mullane joined the UNCAP personnel at the end of the training program for a two-day visit to the NCI Academy. After a warm welcome by the NCI Agency General Manager, Ludwig Decamps, he met with the NCI Academy Director, Dr Garry Hargreaves and staff. They discussed the development of the Signals and Information & Communication Technology Trust Fund Project, the challenges and opportunities of developing an Academy and potential avenues for future collaboration and partnerships.

The exchange highlighted the digitalization journey of both organizations and the value of sharing best practices. For this, the NCI Academy presented its approach to innovation and its state-of-the-art training management system, tools, and methodologies for e-learning training. O'Mullane took the opportunity to provide an overview of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, fostering a sense of purpose for the ongoing collaboration.

"Everything we have done so far in this endeavour, and we can do in the future, is through partnerships. This partnership with the NCI Academy is invaluable to us and to what the UNCAP can do to support UN Sustainable Development Goals," said O'Mullane.

"It is an extreme pleasure to explore the evolution of the NCI Academy to support the UNCAP build up. This academic level engagement is of strategic importance, not only for the NCI Academy but for the whole NCI Agency and NATO, as part of the NATO Defence and Related Security Capacity Building (DCB) Initiative," said Dr Garry Hargreaves.

Looking ahead, both Academies are keen to continue to share expertise, further develop the capabilities of instructors and promote excellence in cyberspace learning and training.