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Mar 14 2022

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visits NCI Agency

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) General Philippe Lavigne visited the NATO Communications and Information Agency's (NCI Agency) campus in The Hague, Netherlands, on 11 March 2022.

NCI Agency leadership welcomed SACT and his delegation to the Agency's facilities in The Hague, and gave them a tour of the campus. The trip was an opportunity to discuss NATO's approach to digital transformation. The General Manager of the NATO Support and Procurement Agency, Stacy Cummings, was also in attendance.

"This visit was an excellent opportunity to deepen our cooperation across NATO, with both Allied Command Transformation and with the NATO Support and Procurement Agency," said NCI Agency General Manager Ludwig Decamps. "The NCI Agency is committed to supporting Allied Command Transformation in its work to future-proof the Alliance – and technology plays a critical role in this future."

Discussions among the representatives touched on digital transformation, innovation and acquisition reform.

"In an age of data predominance, the digital transformation of NATO is imperative to maintain our strategic advantage. There is an operational necessity for digital transformation to achieve cross-domain operations, optimize effects and to conserve Command and Control (C2) superiority. To achieve such an ambition, we need to work as a team and the NCI Agency is a key player," said General Philippe Lavigne.

Supreme Allied Commander Transformation visits NCI Agency

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