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07 19 2016

Successful upgrade of air operations technology

NCI Agency staff in Spain, successfully upgraded critical technology equipment at the Combined Air Operations Centre (CAOC) in Torrejon (TJ). 

The Agency's CIS Support Unit (CSU) Torrejon executed two major improvements, refurbishing the video-wall and upgrading Tactical Satellite antennas. The previous video-wall was increasingly malfunctioning after reaching its end-of-life. As this asset is used 24/7 by CAOC in support of the Static Air Defence Mission to visualize Air policing issues within its Areas of Responsibility, it was essential for the CSU Torrejon to find a solution.

A SXGA+ Engine LED was chosen to replace the faulty projectors keeping the structure of the system. Refurbishment was completed in collaboration with RPG Informatica, a specialist in A/V systems which was awarded the contract following a bidding process. The SXGA+ Engine LED has a lifetime of up to 100.000 hours of continuous operation, and since the works were concluded, the video-wall has been running smoothly with no incident reported. Meanwhile, the Tactical Satellite (TACSAT) antennas were also showing signs of wear.

TACSAT technology provides Ultra High Frequency communication capabilities for CAOC TJ. As such, this equipment is crucial to the success of their mission. The CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC) upgraded the system by installing two TRIVEC-AV-2011 antennas. The installation was done by the CSSC engineer Mr. Emin Karadag, supported by CSU Torrejon technicians. These antennas have a far greater power than the previous ones, doubling the gain of the old antennas.

CAOC TJ users have seen an impressive improvement in the performance of the Satellite communications service. CSU Torrejon will continue to look for improvement opportunities in close coordination with other air entities.

Successful upgrade of air operations technology