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04 11 2014

Provisional System Acceptance of 1st Polish FADR System

On 27 March 2014, Provisional System Acceptance (PSA) was granted for the first of three Polish Fixed Position Air Defence Radar (FADR) systems. Procured as part of a broader programme, these radars, produced by Selex ES in Italy, will complement Poland's existing systems and, once fully integrated with NATO's Air Command and Control System, provide an important addition to NATO's air defence. The significance of this achievement can be measured by the participation of General Krzystof Zabicki, head of Poland's Radar Division, in the acceptance meeting held on 13 March 2014 (coincidently, the week Poland celebrated 15 years of NATO membership).

Acting as Procurement Agent on behalf of the Host Nation, the NCI Agency has worked tirelessly with all stakeholders, establishing trust and transparency as a cornerstone for success, to ensure that the FADR systems meet NATO's stringent performance and availability requirements. In addition, it has embraced the challenge of change by meeting head-on the perennial issue in defence procurement; that of increasing scope. Significant upgrades already implemented include the introduction of a service lift for improved maintainability and enhanced capability through the next generation IFF. The development, authorization and implementation of these changes have benefited from the NCI Agency's expertise in managing conjoined activities, its flexible approach to customer requirements and its understanding of emerging technologies, policies and threats. Moreover, with the project enjoying over a decade of unbridled support from across the NCI Agency, ably supported by Poland's resident International Programme Office (IPO) and NATO Support Agency (NSPA), the FADR procurement has been an example of matrix management at its best and a success story with too many names to mention.

Having completed rigorous site acceptance testing, the Chrusciel FADR system now prepares to enter a period of extensive Operational Evaluation, where its performance will be closely monitored by the NCI Agency's specialists within the scientific and supportability community. This period will also see the Polish Air Force take control of the operation and maintenance of the radar, providing an opportunity to test the Logistic Support Concept in relatively benign conditions. Only once these activities have been completed on all 3 Polish FADR sites, and having demonstrated that the FADR systems meet stringent reliability and availability criteria, Final System Acceptance will be considered.

Provisional System Acceptance of 1st Polish FADR System