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10 10 2016

On-demand interviewing boosting recruitment

The three main locations of the NCI Agency run more than 250 recruitment campaigns a year for more than 30 NCI Agency locations around the world. This means 21.000 received and assessed applications from all NATO member nations.

Screening these applications down to the best fitting 250 candidates is timely when running a fair and transparent recruitment process in order to select the best candidates.

At the NCI Agency where change, innovation and development are key words, a technological approach to processing applications is evident: something better than an application form, but cheaper than an interview panel.

The balanced solution proves to be HireVue, an on-demand interview service.

Interviewing from the comfort of your chair

On-demand interviews make recruitment more convenient, easier and efficient for candidates and hiring officials, when at the same time allow to assess a more diverse pool of candidates before choosing the most suitable ones to attend an interview in person.

The great thing for candidates about this is that they can improve their visibility. Seeing their audio-visual answers gives the recruiter and the hiring officials a better understanding of who they are and what their experience is. On-demand interviews greatly help to get a better understanding of the person behind the application.

The way it works is that the hiring team simply provides their questions, either as text or a short video, then candidates record their answers to these in a defined timeframe using their computer and webcam, or a mobile device. Multiple evaluators can then check candidates' responses, individually assess their skills and expertise against specific criteria precisely matched against the essential requirements of a position. Based on this evaluation, more informed decisions can be made on which candidates to invite to a face-to-face interview.

On-demand interviews are focused on candidates. They can take their interview at their convenience, the questions are tailored to highlight their experience and particular skills in various areas of interest for each position.

On-demand interviewing boosting recruitment

No more stressful blackouts

On-demand interviewing gives the opportunity to do some trials before the actual interview. Candidates can take this chance to prepare themselves in advance. Having a good Internet connection, a properly working device and quiet time and space for the interview are always essential for a successful run.

Saving time, energy and costs

With on-demand interviews, savings are a huge benefit. Not only travel costs are cut, but the time cost of panel members, as well. On the side of evaluators, they have different options to perform the assessment and can also share the results.

The people involved in the recruitment process (the candidate, recruiters, hiring officials and panel members) are also able to do this work whenever and wherever they are. The system is being used from 6:00 am to 3:00 am, seven days a week. This technology enables staff members to be effective more often, at more places.

Continuous improvement in recruitment

In the NCI Agency's effort to offer newly recruited staff members the best possible joining experience, the Talent Management Team is preparing an on-boarding module for new joiners. The implementation of Assessment Centres is in progress, which significantly will help improve the quality of the recruitment process.

One of the other goals is to improve timelines and reporting processes, while revising and adapting the policies in the HR area of responsibilities. The Agency is highly interested in representatives of the new generation and is moving towards social recruiting (blogs, social media, etc.).

Beside the NATO Taleo application system, the Agency is present on Social Media, as well: look for Agency job postings on LinkedIn, too!