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04 20 2018

NITEC18 - Strategic Dialogue

We are pleased to bring you further updates on our upcoming flagship NATO event, NITEC18 – NCI Agency Industry Conference and AFCEA TechNet International – held on 22-24 May in Berlin, Germany.

Strategic Dialogue

We are proud to welcome The Honorable Thomas B. Modly, Under Secretary of the US Navy, who will offer a strategic perspective on the digital transformation of the US Navy; NITEC also offers direct access to senior NATO officials responsible for the major business opportunities that will be briefed.

For a full list of keynote speakers, check the event's website regularly.

High Level Panel on 'Competing for Talent'

The efficiency and competiveness of organizations are increasingly dependent on the skills, knowledge and creativity of their workforce. Tech skills in particular are in short supply. When organizations face skills shortages or mismatches, their productivity and innovation suffer. This is why a large and diverse talent pool, combined with the right recruitment and human resource policies and practices are essential to success.
As a result, the private sector is rethinking the way it attracts, fosters and maintains talent. Senior Industry leaders will hold a high level panel to discuss how NATO and Nations can benefit from Industry experience in securing what is a strategic asset – the competition for tech talent.

NATO's Largest Digital Transformation in Decades

The Alliance is currently undergoing the single largest modernization of its technology since the end of the Cold War. Success will depend on Industry understanding the context of this transformation.

NITEC18 offers:

  • A comprehensive overview of NATO's digital transformation, so that Industry has a good understanding of the overall context;
  • Detailed briefings on specific opportunities that will be going to market in the next 18 months (approximately 1.6 billion EUR) with direct access to the relevant programme managers;
  • Opportunities to build partnerships with European and North American industry in light of upcoming competitions;
  • Specific opportunities for innovative small and medium businesses, academia and not-for-profit research institutes.

For more information, follow NITEC website.

Register here. See you in Berlin!

NITEC18 - Strategic Dialogue