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01 12 2024

New NITECH discusses resilience, innovation and disruption

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has released the 10th edition of the NATO Innovation and Technology (NITECH) magazine.

As NATO approaches its 75th anniversary, the latest NITECH iteration focuses on the most current topics in the industry right now: resilience, innovation and disruption. The publication of the 10th edition is also a cause for celebration and recognition of the success of NITECH as a platform for communicating technological progress and ambitions across NATO and to its readership community.

New NITECH discusses resilience, innovation and disruption

"Over the past five years, NITECH has been providing consistently high quality and valuable content to its readers. The vision has always been clear: to provide an insight into the NCI Agency, as well as to facilitate partnerships among the tech industry, the wider NATO Alliance and the Nations. It is evident from the growing readership and positive feedback that we have exceeded these goals," expresses NCI Agency General Manager, Ludwig Decamps, in his foreword on page 9.

In this NITECH issue, you can read all about NATO's focus on innovation and disruptive technologies to strengthen and enhance the Alliance's defence posture. With over 20 in-depth articles and interviews from industry leaders and NATO and national experts, NITECH provides plenty of must-read articles exploring prevalent topics.

Chief Information Officer at the NCI Agency, Carol Macha, shines a light on the importance of cyberspace as an indispensable domain of operations for NATO. Dr Garry Hargreaves analyses the role of the NCI Academy and how training is crucial to maintain NATO's technological edge. Finland's Defence Minister, Antti Häkkänen explains the nation's efforts, as the most recent Ally, to strengthen NATO's resilience through exploring technology and solidifying its defence.

From conversations about the future role of quantum, to NATO's space capabilities, and the industrial metaverse, this is just a snippet of what you can get in this varied edition of NITECH. You can download and read the free magazine on Issuu here. Happy reading!