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01 14 2014

New e-recruitment system consolidates NATO HQ and NCI Agency vacancies

NATO IS, the NCI Agency and NATO IMS have decided to move their recruitment processes to the next level – an innovative and more cost effective e-recruitment system.

After a joint team effort and cooperation between NATO HQ and NCI Agency, we are happy to introduce e-recruitment that provides the highest quality HR support services to both internal candidates and managers. The system is available from 15 January 2014.

Main features:

• "One-stop-shop" for all NATO IS, NATO IMS, NAGSMA and NCI Agency vacancies - all vacancies will be advertised for all our NATO bodies at the job portal. Vacancies opened to external candidates, will be advertised at the NCI Agency Vacancies page.

• For candidates - possibility of uploading existing CV or LinkedIn profile into the system, and reusing their application to apply for multiple posts, and to track the status of their applications

Common platform of communication with candidates, providing them with timely information on their application.

• For managers - simplifying and streamlining recruitment and selection processes by giving managers more control over their recruitment.

E-recruitment will equip hiring officials with more assessment tools, giving them the opportunity to include pre-selection questions at the application stage.

With the implementation of the e-recruitment system, there will be no change to underlying Recruitment policies. We will continue to publish our vacancies on the Clearing House, as well as a link to the external job portal will be available from the NATO-wide website.

For any questions about this change, please contact NCI Agency Recruitment Office at [email protected]