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10 28 2016

NCI Agency's 2017 Annual Conference to Focus on Innovation

The NCI Agency is pleased to announce the theme for its flagship Industry conference, NITEC17, 'Sharpening NATO's Technological Edge: Adaptive Partnerships and the Innovative Power of Alliance Industry'.

The annual three-day event, which is organized jointly with AFCEA Europe (the Association for Communications, Electronics, Intelligence and Information Systems Professionals)  and in collaboration with the Host Nation – Canada – will take place on 24-26 April 2017 in Ottawa.

The conference comes as Alliance Heads of State and Government stressed the need to support innovation through greater collaboration with Industry at the 2016 Warsaw Summit.

NITEC17 will offer a unique opportunity to act on NATO's innovation agenda through strategic dialogue with Industry partners about the applicability of advanced and emerging technologies in the military domain, and fresh approaches on how to implement them.

Working together

"Innovation is now more global, more rapid, and more concentrated in the private sector, where more commercial technologies than ever before have military applications," NCI Agency General Manager Major General (retired) Koen Gijsbers said.

"This has led to repeated calls—including at NITEC16 in Estonia—for a shift from government-issued requirements to team-built capabilities, where government and Industry teams work together at earlier stages to solve problems and deliver solutions. NITEC17 will be an ideal platform to continue moving forward with this new approach."  

Bringing together more than 500 high-level defence experts from across NATO, the Allied militaries, Industry and academia, NITEC17 will build on the success of NITEC16.

While NITEC16 established a clear consensus about the need for partnership and innovation, NITEC17 will focus on converting this consensus into action.

NCI AgencytmpAmps 2017 Annual Conference to Focus on Innovation

Business opportunities

On Day One of the conference, senior decision-makers will discuss key trends in the innovation landscape and how they are re-shaping traditional government-Industry collaboration, as well as the implications for NATO.

Days Two and Three will offer a forum to discuss with Industry the NCI Agency's business opportunities worth 3 billion EUR, capability priorities in cyber security, air and missile defence, as well as advanced software and the latest technological developments in C4ISR. In order to stimulate actionable priorities, simultaneous break-out sessions of smaller groups will consider focused questions—including those that arise from Day One sessions—on the challenges and opportunities of re-fashioning NATO-Industry collaboration to speed innovative solutions.

In addition to the AFCEA Technet International exhibition, B2B meetings and networking opportunities, the NCI Agency will continue two well-received initiatives that were launched at NITEC16, the Defence Innovation Challenge and the SME Mentoring Programme. Both programmes are aimed at accelerating transformational, state-of-the-art technology solutions from small business and academia in support of NATO C4ISR and cyber capabilities.

In a new feature for NITEC17, NCI Agency will launch a Next Generation Innovators programme run in cooperation with Industry and academia to stimulate a "knowledge for innovation" approach and the types of skills necessary to build next generation information security experts.

Find out more information about NITEC17 on: www.nitec.nato.int/ .