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03 8 2024

NCI Agency welcomes Sweden, NATO's newest Ally

On 7 March 2024, Sweden became the 32nd NATO member upon depositing its instrument of accession to North Atlantic Treaty with the Government of the United States in Washington DC, marking another historic moment for the Alliance.

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has once again contributed to another historical moment for the Alliance, by successfully connecting the secure communication and information systems (CIS) services in Sweden.

NCI Agency welcomes Sweden, NATO's newest Ally

NCI Agency experts have provided the necessary technology and communications systems that are required for Sweden, as the newest Ally, to connect securely with the rest of the Alliance. The NCI Agency delivered CIS services to Sweden before the last NATO Summit in July 2023. The Agency also conducted testing of the newly installed CIS and cyber security services.

The project saw cross-functional collaboration across the NCI Agency with contributions from the NATO Infrastructure Services Centre (NISC), the NATO Digital Workplace Centre (NDWC) and the NATO Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The delivery and integration of this infrastructure also saw great efforts from NATO bodies, Swedish counterparts and industry partners.

With Sweden's new Member Nation status, the final steps of CIS integration can now be taken by the NCI Agency. This entails finishing the installations, reactivating the systems and achieving user acceptance and security approvals.

The Agency and its experts remain on hand to provide Sweden and NATO with the necessary capabilities and deployable systems, ensuring Allies can securely and efficiently communicate with one another.