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12 17 2015

NCI Agency welcomes Small and Medium Enterprises

The Agency has recently launched a Small and Medium Enterprises Portal on its website to facilitate information exchange with and promote opportunities for companies of smaller sizes.

According to Koen Gijsbers, the General Manager of the Agency, Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups are very responsive to new and emerging threats and are a hub for technology innovation. The new portal will play an important role in taking forward the Small and Medium Enterprises Strategy and harnessing the innovative talents and entrepreneurial energies of small businesses across the Alliance.

While small businesses are often the birthplace of innovation, competing for attention and contract awards in the NATO environment may be daunting for them due to limited resources and difficulties in accessing information on future capability requirements and business opportunities.

To facilitate SMEs participation in the NCI Agency business opportunities and leverage their potential and the Agency has launched a three-fold strategy aiming at:

  • Making the NCI Agency acquisition as accessible as possible to SMEs and its processes more transparent, simpler, and faster
  • Improving the NCI Agency's interface with SMEs through more direct engagement
  • Ensuring that NCI Agency acquisition strategies maximise the potential for SMEs.

To learn more and get involved please visit NCI Agency's Small and Medium Enterprises Portal

NCI Agency welcomes Small and Medium Enterprises