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10 24 2016

NCI Agency welcomes new Director Application Services

The NCI Agency is pleased to welcome Ms Laurie Jo Litton as new Director Application Services (DAS). Ms Litton was appointed as of 24 October 2016. In this position, she will be responsible for Operational Analysis, Command and Control (C2), Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (Joint ISR), Service Support and Business Applications, and Education and Training.

During her long career, Ms Litton held a variety of leadership roles within the United States federal government mostly focusing on geospatial intelligence and navy warfare capabilities.

Before joining the Agency, she served as Director of the National System for Geospatial-Intelligence Technology Opportunities. In this role, she broke new ground in achieving IT efficiencies through agile and streamlined processes, innovation, and evolving IT baselines by collaborating and engaging other community members.

The NCI Agency family would like to give its warmest welcome to Ms Litton and to also express its deep appreciation for her predecessor, Mr Guy Feat, who performed his role with invaluable dedication and commitment in the last few years.

NCI Agency welcomes new Director Application Services