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04 24 2019

NCI Agency to launch eProcurement tool

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency is set to launch a new online procurement tool in the fourth quarter of 2019.

The tool, called 'eProcurement,' will transform the way industry partners interact with the Agency. Through eProcurement, industry partners can receive regular updates on bids and contract awards. It will streamline discussion between the Agency and industry, helping the Agency to foster relationships with both prospective and existing suppliers.

Interim Director of Acquisition Simona Rocchi said: "Our priority is to maintain a rich and engaging dialogue with the private sector to deliver the best capabilities and services to the Alliance. Implementing technology such as eProcurement is in line with this vision."

The eProcurement system, an Oracle-based technology, has two major components: a Supplier Portal and a Sourcing Module. Combined, these solutions will enable the Agency and industry to easily interact in a more automated and standardized fashion. The move to eProcurement is part of a wider Agency effort to boost collaboration with the private sector by promoting visibility into past, current and upcoming business opportunities. Through this wider effort the Agency is also aiming for faster competition cycles, contract awards, and account management.

This new capability, and the benefits it will bring, will be looked at in greater detail at NITEC, the Agency's upcoming industry conference. NITEC will take place in Oslo on 20-22 May 2019.

Rocchi said: "I encourage all industry players to join us at the upcoming NITEC and find out more about how NCI Agency's engagement with industry will be transformed for the better."

Click here to learn how you can attend NITEC.

About the technology

The eProcurement system has two main components: the Supplier Portal, and the Sourcing Module. The Supplier Portal is an IT application that allows suppliers to easily maintain their records with a self-service profile management tool. The Supplier Portal will support industry partners throughout the procurement process, enabling them to upload invoices, for example. The Sourcing Module is an online platform designed to simplify the overall competition and source selection process.

NCI Agency to launch eProcurement tool