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10 25 2016

NCI Agency support to TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2016

More than 20 soldiers from 628 Signal Troop of NATO's 1st Signal Battalion deployed to the former Cold War bunker that forms part of the Joint Warfare Centre (JWC) facility for Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2016 (TRJE16).

Lieutenant Colonel Jason Burns, Deputy Head, CIS Branch, said: "There will no doubt be a significant amount of preparatory work rolling-out the equipment and testing it for what will be a demanding exercise. It is good to see the Troop deploy from the UK to Norway and perform like a well-oiled machine."

He was also echoed by Commander Svein-Inge Søndergaard, the NCI Agency CIS Support Unit Commander, who emphasized in an award ceremony for the CIS troop the importance of their effort along the local CSU staff, creating a training environment far beyond the size and complexity the Training Centre was built for. "Together they have now laid the foundation for a successful exercise", Commander Søndergaard explained.

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NCI Agency support to TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2016