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11 8 2016

NCI Agency support to expanding NATO footprint in Romania

The Romanian Defence Minister has thanked the NCI Agency for its support in establishing two new NATO headquarters in Bucharest.

Minister Mihnea Ioan Motoc praised the Agency for successfully implementing CIS capability at the Multinational Division South-East (MND-SE) Static Headquarters and the NATO Force Integration Unit (NFIU) Headquarters. Minister Motoc met the Agency's General Manager, MGEN (ret) Koen Gijsbers, in late October 2016, during the latter's official visit to Romania.

The Romanian Defence Minister also commended the Agency for cooperating with Romanian companies on the implementation of ongoing projects as well as the development of new ones. He concluded on the important objectives ahead relating to post Warsaw Summit Deterrence and Defence Implementation Plan for the south-eastern flank of NATO.

MGEN (ret) Koen Gijsbers took the opportunity to reiterate the Agency's commitment to expedite the implementation of deployable CIS and to support Black Sea Region initiatives. The etablishment of a Multi-Year Program of Work was encouraged and supported by Romania.

MGEN (ret) Koen Gijsbers and Romanian officials also discussed the current implementation of Romanian projects and development perspectives during the General Manager's two-day visit.

Brigadier General Becheru, Chief of Communications and IT Directorate/General Staff and Mr Lungu, Defence Integrated Planning Director and representative from the Strategic Planning and IT Directorates expressed an interest in seeing the cooperation between their country and the Agency reinforced in light of excellent results already achieved.

The visits to the MND-SE Headquarters and the NFIU Headquarters were respectively led by Brigadier General Uifaleanu, MND-SE Commander, and Colonel Ticulescu, NFIU Commander.

The trip was an opportunity for the General Manager to see the Communications and Information Systems implemented in by the Agency to the great satisfaction of the Headquarters.

During his visit, MGEN (ret) Koen Gijsbers was accompanied by Mr Eric Lievre, Chief Strategic Partnership and Customer Relationship Management, and Mr Gilles Defourneaux, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Principal and Project Manager.

NCI Agency support to expanding NATO footprint in Romania