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04 10 2024

NCI Agency strengthens NATO land forces

On 10 April 2024, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) marked the beginning of a project to strengthen NATO's land command and control (C2) capabilities.

The project, known as DEMETER, focuses on the provision and scalability of future land C2 capabilities and represents a collaborative effort between the NCI Agency and Systematic GmbH.

NCI Agency strengthens NATO land forces

DEMETER will implement its software 'SitaWare Headquarters' into the NATO Command Structure, reinforcing the Alliance's operational capabilities and readiness for potential conflict. This software will deliver tactical communication and interoperability, enabling collaborative planning and situational awareness across all levels of commands and domains during operations and missions.

"The NCI Agency's partnership with Systematic will provide NATO soldiers on the ground with the capability for enhanced battle-management, command and control and situational awareness, as well as improved interoperability across NATO," said Will Leeming, DEMETER Project Manager at the NCI Agency.

"We are committed to supporting the full implementation of this software, which will ensure a smooth transition to this new capability and provide access to the full range of its operational features," said Sven Trusch, Managing Director of Systematic GmbH.

The NCI Agency continues to work with numerous industry partners in order to deliver advanced software to NATO and to ensure that the Alliance retains its technological edge.

A ceremony took place at our campus in The Hague, Netherlands, 
between NCI Agency and Systematic representatives to kick off the project.