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06 24 2016

NCI Agency Senior Enlisted Advisors appointed

The NCI Agency appointed two senior non-commissioned officers (NCOs) to new posts in the Agency. Sergeant Major (SGM) Robert Hyatt, US Army, was appointed as the NCI Agency Senior Enlisted Advisor, and Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) Shane Murphy, British Army, was appointed as the Director of Service Operations (DSO) Senior Enlisted Advisor.

SGM Hyatt and RSM Murphy will maintain oversight, focus and responsibility in any area that the general Manager (GM), Chief of Staff (COS) or DSO directs. In doing so they represent the enlisted voice during meetings with leaders ranging from the executive management level to the civilian community, to the Command Senior Enlisted Leaders from the Bi-Strategic Commands, NATO and partner nations. Though not in the chain of command, SGM Hyatt and RSM Murphy serve as vital conduits from the GM, COS and DSO to the designated Senior Enlisted Advisors.

Providing world class support to the Alliance

As the Agency's Senior Enlisted Advisor, SGM Hyatt is responsible for representing the enlisted force at the strategic level, defining and managing the NCO Support Channel, establishing and influencing non-commissioned officer (NCO) Professional Development and Leadership Development programmes for the benefit of NATO and the nations, and assisting the GM to maximize the potential of the enlisted force within the Agency.

"We have a tough job here in the Agency. We need to provide world class support to the Alliance in tactical, operational and strategic domains," said SGM Hyatt. "As leaders we have a responsibility to the 28 nations, who send us their Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to be a part of our team as we carry out this challenging mission, to send them back to their post, camp, station or ship better off for having served here."

NCI Agency Senior Enlisted Advisors appointed

A time of progress and change

As the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Director of Service Operations, RSM Murphy is responsible for representing the enlisted force, while bridging the gap between the tactical and operational level.

"Progress and change is coming and I hope all the nations get on board to further the development of their NCOs," said RSM Murphy. "Hopefully over the next two years the development of the NCOs within DSO CSUs and the wider NATO environment will progress further than before, and we will indeed send our NCOs back to their nations better developed and with a wider skill set."

RSM Murphy and SGM Hyatt will have the challenge of defining the Senior Enlisted Advisor roles within the Agency. For some, the new posts will mean a shift in organizational culture. While enlisted leaders at the strategic level are common in some nations, leaders from other nations are not accustomed to having Senior Enlisted Advisors at this level. NATO, however, embraces the concept.

NATO identified the need for Senior Enlisted Leaders in strategic imperative listed in the Bi-Strategic Strategy and NCO Guidelines. Among the imperatives are institutionalizing the role and function of senior enlisted leaders, and developing professional development programmes to prepare NCOs to face the challenges of operating in a multinational environment.