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07 6 2016

NCI Agency round-the-clock support to Ramstein Ambition I 2016

The NCI Agency provided crucial, round-the-clock support during Air Command's post exercise (CPX) Ramstein Ambition I (RAAN I 16) which took place between 20 June and 29 June 2016.

Agency personnel not only provided a comprehensive simulation environment for the exercise, they also ensured that the 300 NATO air experts who took part in RAAN I 16, had access to a 24-hour helpdesk during the entire execution phase of the event.

This helpdesk was supplied by CSU Ramstein and CSU Poggio Renatico, together with Communications and Information Systems (CIS) personnel from the Italian Joint Force Air Component (JFAC).

The Ramstein Ambition series is conducted as a Command Post Exercise (CPX) twice a year, that is to say that the exercises are run as computer-assisted simulations with no live fire or manoeuvres associated.

This series of exercises is designed to train personnel dedicated to the Joint Force Air Component.

In a combined effort between the host nation Italy and the NCI Agency's CSU Ramstein, CSU Poggio Renatico and the Education and Training Service Line, the team provided a robust environment in support of the exercise.

Around 250 workstations, 400 monitors, 140 phones and 90 internet (VoIP Voiceover Internet Protocol) phones were prepared and deployed.

The professionalism displayed by the Agency's CSU personnel on the ground and service line technicians ensured the movement of hundreds of exercise participants had no negative impact on training objectives.