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04 4 2024

NCI Agency marks NATO's 75th anniversary

On 4 April 2024, NATO turned 75. To mark this important occasion, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) hosted a ceremony to celebrate 75 years of the most enduring alliance in history, at its campus in The Hague, the Netherlands.

The ceremony was opened with a speech by NCI Agency General Manager Ludwig Decamps: "The founding principles in the Washington Treaty are as relevant now as they were in 1949. Out of the ravages of global war, the twelve founding nations united under a common cause in strength and mutual support. Today, at 32, we are stronger and more united than ever," stated Decamps. "Our Agency team remains committed to keeping NATO strong – yesterday, today, and for the next 75 years," the General Manager assured in his closure.

The speech was followed by a keynote address from a guest of honour, the Dutch Chief of Defence, General Onno Eichelsheim.

General Eichelsheim delved into the evolution of the Alliance, the role of the Netherlands since its inception as one of the 12 founding members, and the relationship with the Agency as its host nation. "NATO is the strongest military alliance the world has ever seen, but it's being tested in unprecedented ways," recognized the General, highlighting the need for more cooperation and partnerships.

"The Netherlands was one of NATO's founding members in 1949, and our belief in transatlantic bonds has never wavered since. We are honoured to host the NCI Agency, just as we host NATO's Joint Force Command headquarters in Brunssum, and other important NATO organizations. From the Cold War era to the present day, NATO has consistently risen to the occasion. Let us prove that we can do it for another 75 years," concluded the Chief of Defence addressing the ceremony participants.

Further to the speech deliveries, 32 staff members from across all Agency locations brought forward their respective national flags in order of accession to the Alliance.

For 75 years, NATO has guaranteed the peace and security of almost a billion of citizens in Europe and North America.

12 founding members at its inception, 32 stand united today, an Alliance stronger than ever.

Happy birthday, NATO.

NCI Agency marks NATO’s 75th anniversary