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09 29 2023

NCI Agency General Manager joins key NATO officials at Copenhagen Quantum 2023 Conference

On 29 September 2023, NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) General Manager Ludwig Decamps, attended the Copenhagen Quantum 2023. The conference, held by the Danish government in cooperation with NATO, enables transparent dialogue with industry and policy leaders within the quantum community.

The Copenhagen Quantum 2023 Conference accelerates the establishment of a trusted quantum community by bridging the gap between public and private stakeholders. The event fosters and protects the development of quantum technologies in the Alliance to safeguard NATO's technological edge.

Quantum technology is of particular importance to NATO and the defence sector as it has the potential to bring new capabilities and applications in the fields of computing, communications and sensing, to solve complex problems and make Allied networks more secure.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg attended the event, alongside NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges David Van Weel, national ministers and advisors, and industry leaders.

NCI Agency General Manager Ludwig Decamps participated in a roundtable discussion called "Lessons from Quantum Industry Partnerships". Panelists deliberated on the state of the emerging quantum industry and its current challenges. As companies develop beyond the start-up phase, it is important for NATO to engage with industry through partnerships to leverage quantum computing in use-cases whilst addressing rising security concerns.

"The NCI Agency is cooperating with key industry partners throughout the Alliance to adapt and evolve alongside this technology, seizing opportunities arising from the quantum era", said Decamps during his roundtable discussion. "This continued knowledge sharing will support NATO's collective defence in the fields of computing, communication and quantum sensing."

Through exploration and research, the Alliance seeks to capitalize on quantum technologies in domains such as satellite-independent navigation, secure communication, encryption-breaking, platform detection, and fast decision-making.