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11 12 2014

NCI Agency Customer Satisfaction Report

Earlier this year, the NCI Agency completed a comprehensive Customer Satisfaction Survey, which focussed on Customers according to NCIO Charter, i.e., those with budgetary/requirements authority. The results have undergone rigorous analysis and were assessed as statistically sound.

Key highlights from the survey are as follows:

• The survey questions were separated into Projects and Services with specific questions on overall satisfaction in each area with the following results:

– Overall Project Satisfaction levels were 82%.

– Overall Service Satisfaction levels were 80%.

• The survey also asked about "Agency Value" with the following results:

– Compared to before the transition and given the opportunity, 82% of Customers would continue to choose the Agency as their provider.

– 80% of Customers felt the Agency provided a fair value, worth about what was paid for it.

• Specific questions with high satisfaction levels were:

– Slightly over 80% of Customers agree that NCI Agency Service Support staff adhere to professional standards of conduct.

– Slightly over 80% of Customers agree that NCI Agency Service Support staff are well trained.

• Specific questions with lower satisfaction levels were:

– 63% of Customers agree that NCI Agency Account Managers respond to enquiries in a timely manner.

– 61% of Customers agree that NCI Agency Project Managers are well supervised.

In response to these specific areas of lower customer satisfaction, Director Demand Management has made some short-term adjustments in the Directorate to improve Agency responsiveness to customer enquiries and the GM has tasked Directors Infrastructure and Applications Services to provide plans, by the end of the year, on how to improve customer satisfaction with regard to Project Manager supervision.

The next Customer Satisfaction survey will be conducted in 2015 Q1 with the expectation that there will be 2 surveys per year.

The results of the Customer Satisfaction surveys will be analysed in conjunction with other surveys conducted by the Agency, such as the User Satisfaction Survey, to give an overall picture of how the Agency is perceived.