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04 16 2014

NCI Agency COS hosts Senior Swedish Government Officials

As part of the current bilateral agreement between Sweden and the NCI Agency, the Agency Chief of Staff MGEN Luis Andrey hosted BGEN Nilsson from the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV), and BGEN Hallin, Head of C4ISR at the Swedish Armed Forces at the NCI Agency The Hague on 8 April 2014. In addition, MGEN Engelbrektson from Sweden and COL Bijnens from Belgium participated in the visit representing the Connected Forces Initiative Task Force.

Sweden is an important Partner for NATO, making a significant contribution to NATO operations, but also as a key player in multinational cooperation, exercises and training; Sweden's active role is pivotal for achieving NATO Forces 2020. The Connected Forces Initiative (CFI) Task Force Co-Chair, MGEN Engelbrektson provided an overview of the key focus of the ongoing work from the CFI Task Force.

"The NCIA represents an important and natural partner for everybody that aspires to deliver effect and contribute to the Connecting Forces Initiative. Because connecting forces on the practical level, always includes the key competences, that NCIA represents. This is true for ongoing operations and exercises as well as future experiment studies. Hence, we appreciate the inclusiveness towards partners that the agency has shown us and we look forward to contribute to practical solutions that could deliver the "Day one connectivity partner package". MGEN Engelbrektson

The Swedish delegation gave an overview of the ongoing reorganisation of the Swedish Defence Material Administration (FMV). Overall, they are impressed with the support provided by the NCI Agency and Sweden looks forward to continuing this successful cooperation.

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