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12 5 2014

NCI Agency challenged with back-to-back exercises

Exercise TRIDENT JUNCTURE 14 and TRIDENT LANCE 14 are NATO Command Post- / Computer Assisted Exercises (CPX/CAX) directed from the Joint Warfare Center (JWC) in Stavanger. For both events, the Exercise Control Organisation (EXCON) is located at the JWC whilst the main training audience for TRLE14 are located in Grafenwoehr, Germany and in Stavanger for TRJE14.

The events are scheduled almost back-to-back in time and include the usage of the former National Norwegian HQ space within the compound. TRJE14 also requires an infrastructure that includes 850 working positions (approx. 550 people), this is the largest capacity seen to date for a NRF event at JWC, which is a huge CIS support challenge for the NCI Agency to plan and execute. Given that the two exercises train different audiences, this becomes extremely difficult to engineer, challenging the CSU in knowledge and physical abilities. It also requires a substantial effort into the planning stage of the events, as it is essential to ensure successful system implementations and following service provision to several hundred users, both in Norway and in Germany.

TRLE14 is also seeing response cells supported by CAX operators in remote locations such as Greece (Thessaloniki) and Turkey (Istanbul). This requires all simulation and co-ordination tools be accessed remotely from JWC, and CSU Stavanger providing the infrastructure and support for all services required to enable the response cells to technically appear to be at JWC.

NCI Agency challenged with back-to-back exercises

A team of up to 3 planners have worked for weeks in coordination with other NCI Agency exercise planning staffs and ACO/JWC staffs to ensure all details are carefully addressed and actioned on. Close coordination with the Education &Training Service Line to ensure robust and reliable CAX services has been and is important in complex and multi-site events like these two exercises.

TRIDENT JUNCTURE 14 (TRJE 14) tests NATO's ability to coordinate and execute a NATO-led Article 5 Collective Defence operation in a multinational environment. It also serves to certify the 15th rotation of the NATO Response Force (NRF) under high-intensity, war fighting conditions.

TRIDENT LANCE 14 (TRLE14) stages a NATO-led Article 5 Collective Defence major joint operation (MJO+) to exercise LANDCOM as the Land Component Command (LCC), subordinated to a joint HQ, in commanding and controlling a multinational deployed force during decisive operations, as a follow-on force to a NRF initial entry operation (the continuation of TRIDENT JUNCTURE 14).