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06 28 2022

NCI Agency celebrates its 10th anniversary

The NATO Communications and Information Agency is celebrating its 10th anniversary as an Agency on 1 July 2022.

The NCI Agency was established on 1 July 2012 as part of a NATO reform. But the Agency was built on a 67-year legacy, as our predecessors supported Allied operations long before. We have decades of experience of working side-by-side with NATO soldiers, sailors and airmen and women.

Staff will celebrate the anniversary at all 29 locations of the Agency across the Alliance.

NCI Agency celebrates its 10th anniversary

Photo caption: From left to right, Koen Gijsbers (General Manager 2012-2017), Kevin J Scheid (General Manager 2017-2021) and Ludwig Decamps (General Manager 2021-current).

In honour of this milestone, the Agency's three General Managers over the years each offered a personal message to staff:

The Agency's current General Manager, Ludwig Decamps, offered this message to the staff:

"Dear NCI Agency Team,

Congratulations on reaching the ten-year milestone with our great Agency! Your contribution to our customers and strategic partners has been invaluable and critical to NATO's mission success throughout the years. On this particular day, I congratulate all of you on your solid sense of professionalism, personal dedication and commitment to NATO's mission.

It has been a long journey since the NCI Agency was established in 2012. The Agency's corporate history is jointly written by all of us, along with our numerous stakeholders, NATO senior leadership, our customers, our Supervisory Board, Allied and partner nations, Strategic Commands and NATO bodies. Let's celebrate our successes, learn from our setbacks and pursue operational excellence!

I am proud that our Agency has been permanently transforming in step with NATO's ambitious agenda. I am confident that we are ready to support NATO's ambitions set with the new Strategic Concept: strengthening the Alliance's deterrence and defence posture, embracing technological innovation, expediting digital transformation and enhancing cyber defences, networks and infrastructure.

Let us make this anniversary day a memorable one. We look forward to more years of service in support of the most successful Alliance in history. Happy anniversary!

At this occasion, I would also like to extend congratulations to NSPA, our sister Agency whose birth certificate also reads 2012.

Your GM"

Former NCI Agency General Manager from 2012 to 2017 Koen Gijsbers said: "As the founding General Manager of NCI Agency, I am excited to congratulate the team with its 10th anniversary. Having been responsible for merging several Agencies into one and then building one team of excellent professionals for 5.5 years was a task that has delivered this successful agency, just because of the fantastic work of its people. While building a single NATO agency for IT and cyber was a good and necessary idea, of course the path towards it was one with challenges. This world-class team has overcome these challenges and made NATO digitally ready for the future. I regularly look back to this exciting time with lots of pleasure. We are NCI Agency, we are NATO!"

Former NCI Agency General Manager from 2017 to 2021 Kevin J Scheid said: "I could not be prouder of the NCI Agency team and how it adapted to and supported the NATO Command Structure and International Staff during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as a rapid and safe evacuation of Afghanistan. It regularly demonstrates agility and a focus on mission. In addition, it successfully stood up to daily cyber-attacks and the challenges of NATO's long-term digital transformation. I am confident that the Agency is well positioned with a strong leadership team to support NATO in the decade ahead and beyond. Congratulations on a successful decade and the NCI Agency's 10th anniversary!"

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