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11 19 2015

NCI Agency and NATO FORACS reinforce partnership

On 16 November 2015, the NCI Agency in Brussels, Belgium, hosted the Signature Ceremony of the Memorandum of Working Arrangement (MWA) between the NATO Naval Forces Sensor and Weapon Accuracy Check Sites Office (NATO FORACS Office) and the NCI Agency, for the Integrated Data Acquisition Test System version X (IDATS vX) software. The new software will be available to all NATO Navies.

The NCI Agency agreed with NATO FORACS Office to undertake the stand-alone development of a replacement of their Integrated Data Acquisition Test System 8 (IDATS 8) software.

NATO FORACS is a NATO project with eight Member Nations: Canada, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, Norway, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

How it works

The FORACS Ranges measure the bearing, range, position, and heading accuracy of sensors in surface ships, submarines, and maritime aircraft to satisfy national requirements and to meet NATO material readiness standards through dynamic combat system performance evaluation, thereby providing an essential contribution to naval combat readiness.

The IDATS software is critical to the operational performance of NATO FORACS in supporting Alliance maritime forces. The replacement of IDATS will be designed to allow the ranges' test teams to acquire, store, process and analyse sensor data in real time and provide the range test team and the ship personnel with comprehensive current information.

NCI Agency and NATO FORACS reinforce partnership