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09 14 2015

[NCI Agency and MIcrosoft sign cyber operation agreement

Within the wider framework of the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP), the NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency announced on 15 September the signing of the Government Security Program (GSP) agreement with Microsoft.

The GSP is a programme designed by Microsoft, addressing government agencies, in order to evaluate and protect existing systems and maintain more secure infrastructure. Forty-four different agencies from twenty-six governments worldwide are already involved in the programme creating a forum and collaborative environment where exchange visions and foster transparency, reliability and integrity in order to improve cybersecurity.

"We see this signing as another step forward in the NATO -Industry Cyber Partnership, building a stronger cyber defence network today with Microsoft, but also with other Industry partners across the world" said Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, Assistant Secretary General of NATO's Emerging Security Challenges Division.

The announcement was made at the opening of NATO's annual cyber conference, where progress in the NATO -Industry Cyber Partnership, including greater information-sharing was the focus of discussions between top NATO officials and senior executives from North American and European Industry.

Intelligence sharing

The agreement expands technical information sharing between Microsoft, other GSP parties and the NCI Agency. The NCI Agency will gain access to technical information, and documentation about Microsoft products and services, as well as information about internet safety, threat intelligence, online training tools and guidance to help mitigate the effects of cyberattacks across the region. A practical effect will be, for instance that Microsoft will provide the Agency with data about hosts that have been infected with botnet exploits, and the Agency will be able use this data to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities in these systems.

"NATO is facing new and increasingly dangerous threats to cybersecurity across the world and these threats could affect national economies and citizens. To avoid it, NCI Agency strongly believes in rapid and early information sharing on threats and vulnerabilities with leading companies worldwide, such as Microsoft. Trust is the key to success," said Koen Gijsbers NCI Agency General Manager.

For more information contact: Michal Olejarnik, NCI Agency Communication Manager, [email protected] or +32 475 90 70 40.

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NCI Agency and Microsoft sign cyber cooperation agreement