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10 26 2021

NCI Academy hosts second board meeting

The NATO Communications and Information Academy (NCI Academy) held its second board meeting on 19 October 2021 in Oeiras, Portugal.

The meeting brought together high-level stakeholders from NATO Commands and education and training organizations to exchange their views on the Academy's strategic development and their expectations in terms of education and training.

NCI Academy hosts second board meeting

The meeting was chaired by the NCI Agency General Manager, Ludwig Decamps. Chief of Staff and Senior Responsible Owner of the Academy Programme, MGEN Göksel Sevindik, as well as NCI Academy Director, Dr Garry Hargreaves, facilitated the meeting.

"Collaboration with like-minded training professionals is crucial if the Academy is to achieve its aim to reinforce NATO's technological edge through excellence in cyberspace learning," said Dr Hargreaves.

At the meeting, the Academy Board addressed emerging developments in NATO education and training, including current and future scenarios. Participants discussed how the NCI Academy can continue to facilitate excellence in education and individual training. At the same time, they discussed how they could continue to deliver on the Academy´s mission and fill crucial gaps in education and training capabilities.

A guest speech on artificial intelligence in NATO education and training led to a follow-up discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence on students, instructors and systems.

During closing remarks of a roundtable discussion, all of the stakeholders reinforced their commitment to fostering the right environment where everyone can thrive, while locating and filling learning gaps quickly.

About the NCI Academy: The NCI Academy delivers training on NATO systems that support operations and exercises. Operators trained in the Academy will go on to maintain NATO's IT and communications systems, as well as its ballistic missile and cyber defences. Click here for more on the Academy.