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05 16 2018

NATO to unveil new tech at Berlin event

The NATO Communications and Information Agency and Industry partners will unveil new blueprints for NATO's deployable communications and information systems at NITEC18 in Berlin on 23 May 2018.

These ground-breaking advances will dramatically reduce the size, weight and preparation time of NATO's deployable CIS, while at the same time increasing their resiliency.

The blueprints are the result of a technology challenge launched at the NCI Agency's flagship industry conference NITEC17 in Ottawa, Canada, in April 2017. Today the Agency's Industry partners – including HP, CGI, Microsoft, VMware and Cisco – will demonstrate solutions that are based on these radically new blueprints and architecture.

"The new architecture will deliver a number of benefits; an expected weight reduction of 1.8 tons, a 50% reduction in the size of the equipment and a reduction by half of the power consumption," said Murray Davidson, NCI Agency Director for Service Strategy.

"That is less fuel, fewer generators, and simplified logistics. But the technology is also easier to setup and inherently scalable, allowing NATO to mount operations more rapidly; we expect service set-up time will be reduced by more than 50% and require far fewer personnel."

NATO to unveil new tech at Berlin event

Mobility, resilience, not just for NATO

"The new architecture is open and platform agnostic, so we believe it is very relevant not just for NATO's own needs, but also for national authorities as they look at their own deployable communications and information systems," Mr Davidson added.

The mobility and resilience of NATO's communications and information system underpins not only NATO's operations, but also its ability to manoeuvre as part of its enhanced forward presence in the eastern part of the Alliance.

The new architecture, which is open and available to all Industry partners, will be the basis for NATO's upcoming procurements for deployable communication information system, worth over 150 million EUR, with the first invitations for bids due out this quarter.

The NCI Agency will discuss over 1.6 billion EUR worth of investments that will go to market in the next 18-24 months at the upcoming NITEC18 in Berlin, Berlin, on 22-24 May.

Industry representatives interested in attending can visit http://www.nitec.nato.int/ for further information.