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05 15 2018

NATO to sign new cyber partnerships with Industry in Berlin

Four new bilateral industry partnership agreements on cyber information sharing will be signed at the NCI Agency's NITEC18 conference held in Berlin, 22-24 May 2018, between the NATO Communications and Information Agency and Vodafone Global Enterprise Limited, AT&T, CY4GATE (an Elettronica Group company) and Thales Communications & Security S.A.S.

The NCI Agency is responsible for operating and defending NATO's networks. Enhanced cooperation and rapid information-sharing between public and private sector proves to be one the most effective defences in terms of the highest-impact, lowest-cost and fastest way to increase cyber resilience, improve incident handling and mitigate vulnerability to attack.

"The collective approach and above all expertise of the private sector is crucial in addressing the current and future challenges," said NCI Agency General Manager, Kevin J. Scheid.

These four bilateral agreements will be the latest in a series of important contracts with industry in the framework of the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP).

The agreement will foster timely information sharing on cyber threats, allowing the parties to enhance situational awareness and better protect their networks. In practice it will facilitate rapid and early bilateral exchange of non-classified technical information related to cyber threats and vulnerabilities. This information will be integrated into the NCI Agency's 24/7 detection and prevention processes further enhancing NATO's cyber security posture.

NATO to sign new cyber partnerships with Industry in Berlin