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02 11 2020

NATO Platform to lay the foundations for services, apps and agility

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency awarded on 22 November 2019 a contract to the Spanish IT company Everis valued at 10.4 million EUR.

The contract covers Wave 1 of the two-wave Service-Oriented Architecture and Identity Management Project, which will provide common middleware services for applications to build on. Work on Wave 1 began on 6 January 2020, and is expected to be completed in 2021.

"The Platform developed through this contract will ensure that business applications and services across the NATO ecosystem can efficiently and effectively respond to NATO's operational needs," said Pierre Pradier, Chief of Core Enterprise Services at the NCI Agency.

Everis will provide a variety of services under the contract, including integration, identity and security services, service management and platform hosting services. Among many benefits, the services provided under the contract will make application development simpler, cheaper and more rapid.

NATO Platform to lay the foundations for services, apps and agility

Rather than spending years developing stove-piped applications, this capability will allow new user capabilities to be rapidly deployed by reusing and combining existing data streams and functionalities in novel ways.

"This project is a potential game-changer for the way NATO develops and deploys its operational services in the future. It will drive innovation and reduce operational costs by ensuring much greater reuse of capabilities," said Paul Howland, Polaris Programme Manager at the NCI Agency.

The project is one of four core projects in the wider Polaris Programme, the Agency's top priority after support to operations. Polaris is focused on consolidating NATO's IT infrastructure so that it may be centrally managed, and modernizing it to allow for new ways of working. The Programme includes efforts to enhance security, particularly for a workforce that is more mobile than ever before.