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11 12 2014

NATO Interoperability Standards and Profiles - new version

A new version of the NATO Interoperability Standards and Profiles (NISP version 8) was developed by the Interoperability Profiles Capability Team (IP CaT) under the authority of the NATO Consultation, Command and Control Board (C3B).

On 30 October 2014, under the silence procedure, the C3 Board agreed that ADatP-34(H) (NISP version 8) shall be the authorized replacement for previous versions. Volume 3 includes the following profiles:

• Core Enterprise Services Implementation Specification

• NRF Generic Interface Profile

• The Afghanistan Mission Network (AMN) Profile of NATO Interoperability Standards

• Federated Mission Networking (FMN) Interoperability Standards Profile for Mission Execution Environments

• Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA) Interoperability Profile

• Tactical ESB (Tact ESB) Profile

NATO Interoperability Standards and Profiles - new version

The included interoperability standards (Volume 2) and profiles (Volume 3) are mandatory for use in NATO common funded Communications and Information Systems (CIS).

The Agency recognizes that there may be inconsistencies between the various profiles and that the document might not be detailed enough to provide sufficient direction for implementation projects. The Agency is actively working with the IPCaT to improve this important reference document over time.

If more direction and guidance is required please address your respective Segment Architect/ Service Line Design Authority. Requests for Change Proposals for the NISP shall be submitted via the NCI Agency Architecture Working Group (AWG) for submission to the IP CaT. Each Service Line and Programme Office is represented in the AWG by a Segment Architects aka SL Design Authority.