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09 11 2014

NATO Industry Cyber Partnership

The Wales Summit endorsed the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NICP) and we are going to launch its implementation at NIAS2014!

On Wednesday 17 September 2014, high calibre speakers from industry and the NATO policy community will discuss national best practice and explore how best to achieve the NICP's objectives. We want your ideas on how the NICP can improve the way we can work together.

The workshop will be interactive. We want the policy community to hear what industry has to offer and we want industry to hear what is on the policy makers' minds.

The Summit agreed that the NICP should 'aim to create win-win opportunities for both NATO and Allies' industry'. Heads of State and Government agreed in the Summit Declaration said that we 'intensify our cooperation with industry by launching the NATO Industry Cyber Partnership (NCIP)'.

The Declaration also made clear that, 'Technological innovations and expertise from the private sector are crucial to enable NATO and Allies to achieve the enhanced policy's objectives.' Now we must agree our next steps through the NICP.

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