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06 24 2020

NATO discusses cloud in virtual event

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency hosted on 23 June 2020 a virtual event focused on cloud computing for leaders within NATO.

Agency leaders opened the event by highlighting some of the ways cloud is already used successfully in NATO, while also pointing out opportunities for further implementation. Several industry representatives then briefed the participants, and answered questions. With this event the NCI Agency aimed to drive forward NATO's adoption of cloud technologies, a key element of NATO's digital transformation.

"We already have a cloud-first strategy in NATO. Now we need to live it and adopt it," said NCI Agency General Manager Kevin J Scheid. "It's time to adopt and stop admiring the problem."

NATO discusses cloud in virtual event

The event was particularly timely in light of the COVID-19 crisis, which has highlighted the importance of implementing and maintaining mobile and collaborative technologies. Cloud technologies enable more effective collaboration, and are essential for greater use of artificial intelligence, machine learning and agile capability development.

"This event is all about digital transformation. And the adoption of cloud computing is at the core of this digital transformation," said Detlef Janezic, Chief of Service Engineering and Architecture at the NCI Agency.