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09 18 2015

NATO boosts cyber cooperation with Industry 

NATO's partnership with industry on cyber technologies is delivering its first positive results with the Cyber Security Incubator pilot project. Given the potential of cooperation in this area, the Alliance and the high-tech sector are taking another step forward together – a new initiative to exchange information and on software vulnerabilities and cyber threats.

The announcements were made at NATO's annual cyber security conference, held in Mons, Belgium, 15-17 September. It also saw the signature of an important agreement on information exchange between NATO and Microsoft.

"Our aim is to make the cooperation with Industry practical and real, and to move at the same speed as the Internet," said Ambassador Sorin Ducaru, NATO Assistant Secretary General for Emerging Security Challenges.

NATO Cyber Incubator

NATO officials announced the results of the 'Cyber Security Incubator' - a pilot project that has been testing new ways for NATO and industry to develop rapid and innovative solutions to the technological challenges that the Alliance faces.

The project has brought NATO together with leaders of the high-tech industry as well as small and medium enterprises and academics.

The incubator delivered multiple innovations in three areas:

  • cyber defence situational awareness
  • data fusion
  • mobile security

"The true success lies in the lessons learned, including specific organizational and procedural changes that we must think about making," said Koen Gijsbers, General Manager of the NCI Agency, charged with operating and defending NATO's networks.

The results of the pilot project have been presented to NATO Nations with recommendations for how they can be incorporated into NATO's cyber security development and acquisition.

Platform for rapid information-exchange

The initiative on information-sharing is another effort to tap into the potential of collaboration with industry in addressing cyber challenges.

A dedicated platform will be launched to exchange information and work together on rapidly emerging threats. It will bring together an initial group of industry partners and academics.

Closer cooperation with Microsoft

As an example of the benefits of cooperation on cyber challenges, the NCI Agency and Microsoft agreed to share more technical information.

They signed a Government Security Programme (GSP) agreement which will facilitate the flow of information about Microsoft products and services, as well as information about internet safety, threat intelligence, online training tools and guidance to help mitigate the effects of cyberattacks.

NATO's annual cyber security conference brought together over 1000 representatives of companies, governments and NATO officials to discuss practical ways of increasing cooperation in the face of cyber threats.



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NATO boosts cyber cooperation with Industry