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12 10 2020

NATO Agency surveys market for anomaly detection solutions

The NATO Communications and Information (NCI) Agency is seeking to identify products and solutions that can analyze network traffic to detect anomalous or malicious behaviour.

The market survey, which will close on 18 January 2021, aims to gather information on existing systems to identify potential NATO Nation-based solutions.

NATO Agency surveys market for anomaly detection solutions

"This market survey aims to find solutions that could be useful for the NATO Cyber Security Centre's Security Operations Centre. It is important that the Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies and tools found in industry to continue to protect NATO networks," said Thibaut Mahieux, Project Manager for the effort.

The market survey is seeking solutions that can monitor, alert and report on behavioural anomalies in network traffic – primarily typical corporate network traffic (including Internet of Things and cloud services), but also potentially other networking protocols, including industrial control systems. In particular, the survey seeks solutions that utilize machine learning or artificial intelligence-based approaches to process and analyze the network traffic.

All questions related to this RFQ can be directed to: [email protected].

Download the full Request for Information here.