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04 17 2023

NATO Agency supports Georgia's membership in the NATO Regional Airspace Security Programme

Experts from the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency), NATO, Allies, EUROCONTROL and Georgia gathered to kick-off a critical feasibility study project for the inclusion of Georgia into the NATO Regional Airspace Security Program (RASP) Information Exchange System.

NCI Agency experts and partners began researching options for the inclusion of Georgia in the NATO RASP Information Exchange System. The inaugural meeting was held in Tbilisi, Georgia on 22-23 February 2023.

NATO Agency supports Georgia's membership in the NATO Regional Airspace Security Programme

A successful test to ingest operational Georgian air traffic data into the central RASP tool, the EUROCONTROL-developed Civil-Military ATM Coordination Tool (CIMACT), was carried out before the meeting.

The RASP enhances cross-border coordination of civil air security incidents and improves civil-military coordination. The system will provide constant connectivity between Georgia and the other RASP nations and will facilitate early notification and coordination on air traffic security incidents involving civil aircraft. The RASP also boosts regional airspace cooperation by enabling air picture exchange and supporting direct voice coordination between operators, including joint handling procedures.

The Agency handles the overall management of the program including scientific and technical support, while EUROCONTROL provides the CIMACT tool and provides civil-military and technical expertise. The RASP is an example of close cooperation between the NCI Agency, EUROCONTROL, the United States Federal Aviation Administration and the partner Nations involved in the RASP (currently Poland, Türkiye and Ukraine).

Georgia accepted a formal invitation from the North Atlantic Council in 2020 to join the RASP. The completion of this feasibility study brings Georgia one-step closer to full RASP membership. The project is also part of the broader Substantial NATO-Georgia Package (SNGP) aimed at strengthening Georgia's defence and security capabilities and developing closer security cooperation and interoperability with NATO Members.