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Apr 21 2021

NATO Agency signs first agreement under new Not-For-Profit Framework

The NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) has signed an agreement with a not-for-profit organization, marking an important step in the implementation of a new framework to work with such entities.

The NCI Agency signed the first Not-for-Profit Framework (NFPF) agreement on 20 April 2021 with Spanish organization Ingenería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España (ISDEFE).

NATO Agency signs first agreement under new Not-For-Profit Framework

Jennifer Upton, NCI Agency Director of Acquisition, said: "We are proud to sign the first Not-For-Profit Framework agreement with ISDEFE. The framework will open new collaboration horizons with not-for-profit organizations, providing NATO with easier access to the expertise and services of the not-for-profit sector."

The organization will be able to submit bids to receive funding for work with the Agency under this agreement.

Jesús Alonso Martín, Director Business Development, Ingenería de Sistemas para la Defensa de España said: "As the in-house technical service provider for the Spanish Ministry of Defence, being the first organisation to join this NCI Agency brand new NFP Framework is both a motive of honour and satisfaction. Building up on the services we have been providing the Agency over the last few years, we will endeavour to strengthen our support in innovation, capabilities, project services and other areas in the Framework Programme."

The new Not-For-Profit Framework (NFPF) is a cooperation framework that aims to complement the Agency's existing relationships and frameworks with industry. The NFPF allows the NCI Agency to establish relationships with not-for-profit organizations from the NATO Nations such as national defence labs, or academic, scientific and research institutions.

The NFPF cooperation model is a two-step contracting procedure. In the first step, an agreement is signed between the NCI Agency and the not-for-profit organization to participate in the framework. Then, when the Agency wants to acquire services from a not-for-profit organization, competitions for task orders will be conducted among those with signed NFPF agreements.

The Agency intends to launch the first NFPF competitions upon signature of five NFPF agreements.

For more information on how you can join NFPF, please contact the NCI Agency's NFPF team at NFPF@ncia.nato.int, or visit our website here.

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