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03 11 2015

Nations sign up to NATO defence analysis project

Norway, Finland and Germany have agreed to work together on a multinational Alliance Defence Analysis and Planning for Transformation (MN ADAPT) Smart Defence project. The three countries signed a joint statement to this effect at the Alliance's 2015 Defence Planning Symposium at the NATO School in Oberammergau, Germany, on 24 February 2015. The project will be led by Norway and supported by the NATO Communications and Information Agency.

The MN ADAPT project is an important part of NATO's efforts to support Alliance and partner nation defence planning. Its aim is to enable NATO and NATO Nations to achieve economies of scale and cost savings, which are the key elements of NATO's Smart Defence initiative. This is achieved by reusing a solution developed in NATO for national purposes. The project will also help with the coordination of the NATO Defence Planning Process (NDPP) and the NATO Planning and Review Process (PARP) for national defence planning and multinational capability development initiatives. MN ADAPT covers all the steps of the NDPP process.

MN ADAPT provides a mechanism by which NATO Nations and partner nations can cooperate and share evolving best practice on the application of NDPP methodologies and tools in a national context. It is the product of years of NCI Agency defence planning support given to NATO command structures and of bilateral cooperation with both NATO Nations and partner nations.

The NCI Agency will support MN ADAPT's participating nations with its analytical defence planning capacity. This allows participating nations to gain a better understanding of the analytical foundations of NDPP and to align national defence planners more closely with evolving NDPP methods and supporting tools. It also allows nations to provide input to NATO on national requirements for defence planning. MN ADAPT thus provides both insight and access to the existing analytical prototypes and future defence planning management services developed by the NATO Defence Planning community (NATO International Staff and International Military Authorities, Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Allied Command Operations (ACO) supported by the NCI Agency).

The full text of the Joint Statement can be found here.

NATO and partner nations are invited to join the MN ADAPT Smart Defence project and take advantage of the benefits and opportunities on offer.

The points of contact for those nations seeking to join MN ADAPT are as follows:
Mr Alan Campbell, Project Manager, Defence Planning Support to the Nations, [email protected]
Ms Agata Szydelko, Demand Management | Principal Partnership Development Manager, [email protected]

Nations sign up to NATO defence analysis project