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06 5 2014

Member of Sector ISAF awarded with the COMIJC Commendation

On 23 May, LGEN Joseph Anderson has presented CW2 Rebecca McGarry, member of the NCI Agency, with the COMIJC Commendation.

CW2 Rebecca McGarry distinguished herself by exceptionally meritorious conduct in the performance of outstanding service to CJOA community within Sector ISAF as the Theatre AMN Change Manager. She performed her duties in a remarkable manner by managing the day-to-day management of the AMN change management area, ensuring all proposed changes to the live AMN environment have been risk assessed, the impact had been assessed in isolation and against other change activity, and changes were approved as fit-for-purpose prior to implementation. Ensuring AMN services were never compromised as a result of change. Looking at the relationship between each area, she managed the change management process with efficiency in liaison with IJC CJ6, contractor and NCI Agency in Europe. Her efforts bring great credit upon herself, Sector ISAF and IJC.