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02 14 2014

Major publication on cyber defence launched

On 10 February 2014, Melissa E. Hathaway presented the book "Best Practices in Computer Network Defence: Incident Detection and Response'' at a book talk organised by the NATO Multimedia Library, at NATO Headquarters.

The presentation was attended by Mr Koen Gijsbers, General Manager NCI Agency, who in addition to being a contributor to the book also shared NATO's views on cyber defence during the presentation. Dr Jamie Shea, NATO Deputy Assistant Secretary General, introduced the presentation of the book and chaired the subsequent panel discussion.

Melissa E. Hathaway, Editor of the book and Chairman of the Council of Experts at the Global Cyber Security Center in Rome, Italy, gave an overview of the different chapters with the help of the authors who were also present at the event.

The author co-wrote the book with a team of experts from 16 countries and three international institutions. On this occasion, Mr Gijsbers gave NATO's views on Cyber Defence, which are also stated in the preface: "Malicious cyber activities are an emerging security challenge for all countries, and the members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) share a responsibility to help the global community strengthen its cyber defenses."

One of NATO's unique strengths lies in its ability to tap into the operational capabilities and expertise of its members' militaries, and to harness the innovations and technologies of its members' industrial base to ensure national and Euro-Atlantic prosperity, security, and stability.
''NATO seeks ways to jointly research, develop, implement, and field interoperable cyber defense capabilities to enhance the cyber defense posture of the Alliance. Our security relies on assurances that our defenses—local, global, procedural, political, and technological—are leading edge and address effectively the threats these services face."

These defenses are tested routinely, and cannot fail. ''The findings presented in this book not only helped to identify the tools and processes that are used for cyber defence and the gaps in the technology but also advise the operators and decision makers whose work it is to strengthen the cyber defence of the global community. The GM and the experts believe that this book will provide operators and decision makers with genuine tools and expert advice for computer network defense, incident detection and incident response."

The book can be ordered here