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06 12 2015

LOGFS on track – First critical milestone achieved

On 20 May Sopra Steria passed the logistic functional area services (LOGFS) Project Management Review (PMR) milestone successfully. The PMR was the first of ten critical milestones in the LOGFS schedule, with the next being the Preliminary Design Review (PDR) milestone, a high-level initial review covering the entire LOG FS scope due on 20 August.

LOGFS will integrate, consolidate and improve a range of existing logistics and financial capabilities and introduce medical functionality for the first time.

The success of the PMR coincided with the first full LOGFS Project Board, held in The Hague on 19 May. Bert Tiems was the Chair as Project Executive; the board enjoyed Senior User representation from the user community for the first time. BGEN István Kopcsó (ACOS JMed at SHAPE), COL Viorel Ros (representing the ACOS J4), Laura Ciarlone and Peter Brownbill, both representing the finance interests of ACO and ACT respectively, were present.

Sopra Steria are the contracted supplier for LOGFS and they were strongly represented with Mick Grayson their NATO Account Manager and Senior Supplier on the Project Board accompanied by Peter Godwin, Head of Defence Logistics and Personnel, and Stuart Andrews, Solution Centre & Delivery Director (Defence & Emergency Services). ACT (Capability Integration), the NATO Support Agency and the NCI Agency were also represented.

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