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05 10 2023

Join the NATO Innovation Challenge 2023: Monitoring the Arctic from Space to Seabed

The 11th edition of the NATO Innovation Challenge is set to take place in June 2023 in Nuuk, Greenland. Participants from all NATO Nations are urged to submit their proposals before 14 May 2023.

The challenge — co-organized by NATO's Allied Command Transformation's (ACT) Innovation Hub, the NATO Communications and Information Agency (NCI Agency) and the Joint Arctic Command of the Danish Ministry of Defence — will focus on the High North and issues surrounding the Arctic region.

Join the NATO Innovation Challenge 2023: Monitoring the Artic from Space to Seabed

The effects of a rapidly warming climate are felt in weather patterns and disruptions all over the earth. This is especially noticeable in the Arctic region, where the warming climate presents both challenges and opportunities for Arctic nations.

With six of the eight Arctic nations within the High North as current members of NATO, the Alliance has an interest in preserving security, stability and cooperation in the High North.

This edition of the Innovation Challenge aims, through a fictitious scenario, at collecting solutions that will ensure effective operations in the Arctic, from Space to the Seabed, taking into account its geographical particularities and the context of a NATO joint operation.

Solutions should centre around one of the following topics, which are the current priorities for the High North: communications, search and rescue, situational awareness, preservation, and sub-surface navigation.

The NATO Innovation Challenge, initiated in 2017, is a brainstorming process that allows Alliance and Partner Nations to collaborate and find solutions to common operational challenges in a cost-effective manner. It also grants non-traditional innovators, such as individual developers, start-ups and academia, priority access to the NATO Innovation Network, offering participants high visibility and the opportunity to test and develop their innovative solutions. For the winners, the Challenge offers a monetary prize and development for their product to scale.

Who can register?

The Innovation Challenge is open to all NATO Nations. All eligible individuals, teams or suppliers can register for the challenge. Each individual must register separately. Solutions must be submitted by the team representative only. Solutions can include any combination of methodologies, concepts, techniques, and technologies.


The deadline for submissions is 14 May 2023.

The three winners will be announced on 22 June 2023.