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10 18 2017

Extending NATO's cybersecurity protection

The Agency has completed the deployment of the NATO Computer Incident Response Capability (NCIRC) to additional sites of the Alliance, significantly improving cybersecurity protection of NATO networks.

The rollout of the '10 Additional Sites' project was finished ahead of schedule and on budget, implementing the full planned scope.

"Implementing cybersecurity protection for NATO sites is extraordinarily challenging due to its complex and wide scope: every site has different needs and requires a different blend of solutions, all this to be integrated with the centralized operations center.

We worked hard to address these challenges and bring forward the success of the NCIRC, in order to fulfill NATO's cybersecurity objectives," said Mario Beccia, NCIRC Project Manager (NCI Agency).

The extended capability now enables enhanced cyber defence to more than 65 NATO sites and Headquarters throughout 29 countries.

The contract for the project, worth 18.9M Euros, was awarded to Leonardo in August 2015.

Extending NATO's cybersecurity protection