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03 27 2018

“Cyber has the multi-dimensional impact on maritime operations”

The Chief of Staff, RADM Dr Thomas Daum, represented the NCI Agency at the Maritime Operational Commander's Conference (MOCC18) in Northwood, London on 21-22 March.

The conference discussed MARCOM's activities in 2017. In particular, the event addressed the operational engagement of the Standing Naval Forces, the need for Adapting and Operationalizing the Allied Maritime Posture, Advancing NATO Sea Power and Projecting Stability, especially highlighting Operation SEA GUARDIAN and the future of Maritime Security Operations.

"Discussions made clear that Cyber, as an operational domain, has the multi-dimensional impact on maritime operations. For example, ensuring secure and robust communications between land-based headquarters and afloat force commanders and between the warfighting units, tackling the challenge of interoperability of connecting multinational forces or maximizing the opportunities of modern technologies like autonomous maritime vessels or submerged drones," reflects RADM Daum.

He also adds that maritime operations need to cope with degraded environment, like physical limits in the high north degrading use of SATCOM, or denied environment, like operational or tactical limitations that are caused by Electronic Warfare or Cyber Attacks.

"Following the final closing remarks from COM MARCOM, it can be expected that MOCC19 will include a focus session on Cyber," says the Chief of Staff.

Chaired by Commander NATO Maritime Command (COM MARCOM), Vice Admiral Clive Johnstone, the forum included two keynote speakers - Deputy Allied Commander Transformation, Admiral Manfred Nielson and Deputy Allied Commander Operations, General Sir James Everard.

“Cyber has the multi-dimensional impact on maritime operations”