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05 2 2014

Deployable ACCS used in exercise Ramstein Dust1

During the first week in April the Deployable Air Command and Control system (ACCS), (DARS) participated in exercise Ramstein Dust 1. This was the first deployment since DARS relocated from the Netherlands to its new base in Italy as part of the Deployable Air Command and Control Center (DACCC). The deployment to the Italian airbase of Rivolto, some 200km from the garrison site was undertaken using the units organic transportation equipment procured via the NATO Support Agency (NSPA) on NCI Agency's behalf.

The exercise achieved the major goals as defined by the DACCC. The system could be properly deployed and used for usual air control/command activities, involving among others communicating with F16. It has to be noted that the SATCOM capability was used for the first time with the DARS in an operational event; these assets were procured through NCI Agency/Network Services and IT Infrastructure (NSII).

SHAPE and the DACCC thanked the Agency for the outstanding support provided during the whole event. The NATO C2 structure plans for an ARS (static entity) to ensure control of air missions, maintaining a Local Air Picture by fusing received sensor data and disseminating a Recognised Air Picture (RAP). The DARS has identical functionality and a similar organisational structure as a static ARS and is housed in 20ft ISO shelters. AirC2 PO&S is procuring the core software for the ARS part and the DARS system, which has been delivered in several tranches since June 13 to the users (the DACCC NATO Unit) at Poggio-Renatico Garrison Site.

The DACCC commander, General Nordio, intends to declare the IOC of the DARS during this summer and the FOC at the end of the year.

Deployable ACCS used in exercise Ramstein Dust1