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06 6 2018

CWIX 2018: supporting the Alliance's transformation

Coalition Warrior Interoperability eXploration, eXperimentation, eXamination eXercise (CWIX) will kick off next Monday, June 11, at the Joint Force Training Centre in Bydgoszcz, Poland. This computer information systems event brings together Alliance and Partner nations to solve interoperability challenges by federating people, processes and technology. The NCI Agency plays a key role in providing technical expertise and reference NATO Command and Control capabilities to enable interoperability testing with different partners.

Endorsed by the North Atlantic Council and directed by the Military Committee, CWIX will take place on the Combined Federated Battle Laboratory Network (CFBLNet) – a testing, training, research and development environment which relies on a distributed wide area-networking infrastructure. Over 1000 participants from 29 Alliance and Partner Nations will take part in the exercise, deploying over 300 capabilities. Montenegro, Slovakia and Ukraine will participate as observers.

Improving interoperability with other NATO and partner systems

The ability for multinational units to act together is the foundation for all NATO joint, multinational, and interagency operations. Providing a platform to improve information system interoperability in a collaborative environment, CWIX ensures that NATO and Partner Nations can operate together effectively from the outset, to keep our nations safe: 'One interoperable NATO is greater than the sum of its parts'.

CWIX verifies and improves interoperability of Command and Control (C2) systems in support of NATO and coalition operation – thereby making a significant contribution to Smart Defense, while also allowing Alliance and Partner Nations to pool and share resources – thus proving crucial to Federated Mission Networking (FMN), Cyber Defense and Communication and Information Systems (CIS) capability development.

Providing significant operational and cost benefits, CWIX - the greatest test of NATO's interoperability - is thus key in supporting the ongoing transformation of the Alliance and its Partners for defense, deterrence, and projecting stability.

CWIX 2018: supporting the Alliance's transformation

Mitigating the risk of CIS failure in NATO exercises and missions

CWIX strives to improve the resilience and agility of operational, deployable Communication and Information Systems capabilities by improving interoperability.

Testing and verifying interoperability before deployment, CWIX provides Commanders with confidence that people, processes and technology are ready and fit for purpose so that NATO missions and exercises are "day-zero" ready. The risk of technical failure prior to deployments is reduced thanks to a program of testing activities that allow nations to "try, fail, fix, try again".

By allowing the NCI Agency and Nations to undertake technical CIS validation well ahead of the NATO Response Force verification, CWIX also ensures readiness and resilience of deployed CIS capabilities to support NATO's core tasks.

Allowing to innovate and progress in Capability development

CWIX successfully federates Industry and Research & Development with operators, planners and technicians on a distributed network using distributed processes and innovative technology. In this way, it enables the NCI Agency to move forward in capability development insofar as future systems and processes are continuously introduced alongside existing fielded CIS.

Exploring and experimenting, CWIX identifies requirements that help to prepare Alliance and Partner Nations to meet future interoperability challenges by supporting the introduction of emerging technology. Simply put, it keeps NATO one step ahead.