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06 11 2015

CSU Stavanger supports Exercise Dynamic Mongoose

From 2 – 14 May, NATO conducted Dynamic Mongoose-L 2015 (DYMON15), their biggest anti-submarine warfare exercise, in cooperation with Maritime Air Exercise Control (MARAIR EXCON), Maritime Air Briefing Team (MARAIR BRT) and Maritime Air In-Stride Debrief Team (MARAIR IDT) Spaces at Sola Airbase near Stavanger, Norway.

CSU Stavanger's role in Dynamic Mongoose

CSU Stavanger successfully supported the event with CIS, including the deployment and redeployment of end-user devices delivered by the CIS Sustainment Support Centre (CSSC). The setup of the working environment took place from 16 – 29 April and was established in the Combat Operations Centre (COC) building at Sola Airbase in a mix of NATO Secret, NATO Confidential, and Public Internet communications.

From 2 – 14 May about 20 military and civilian personnel were supported during extended working hours from 08:00-20:00 and on call from 20:00-23:00. Tear-down, wiping of the workstations, packing and palletizing of the CIS equipment was done on 15 and 18 May.

About Dynamic Mongoose

DYMON15 is a NATO Live Exercise (LIVEX) for drills focused on detecting and defending against submarines, and is conducted off the coast of Norway, with command & control (C2) and Exercise Control (EXCON) functions at Sola Airbase. There, the EXCON In-Stride Debrief Team (IDT) performed reconstruction and analysis of all the Anti-Submarine Warfare serials for all players, and the Briefing Team (BRT) did the preparation for the Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) missions exclusively.