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05 25 2016

Cooperation Agreement with Universidade Católica Portuguesa

On 23 May, on the occasion of the Portuguese Industry Day at NATO Headquarters, the Portuguese Representation to NATO hosted the signature ceremony of the Cooperation Agreement between NATO Communications and Information Agency and Universidade Católica Portuguesa.

The Agreement, signed between Dr Ricardo Reis, PhD, Associate Dean for International Affairs at Universidade Católica Portuguesa, and the NCI Agency Director of Acquisition, Mr Peter Scaruppe, representing the General Manager Mr Koen Gijsbers, envisions collaboration with the future NCI Academy that is to be built in Oeiras (Portugal). However, both parties can benefit from sharing the expertise, know-how and branding as of now.

"This is an important opportunity," said the Portuguese Ambassador to NATO, Mr Luís de Almeida Sampaio. "The Cooperation Agreement is the first document of this kind in the country linking the NATO Communications and Information Academy and a prestigious Portuguese business school, allowing them to connect on a practical basis."

Win-win agreement

The mutual cooperation in the areas of Education and Training will include (but not be limited to) Cyber defence, Digital Transformation and Innovation in Information Technology.

"Universidade Católica Portuguesa is proud to have this kind of initiative, which offers new opportunities that have so far not been available to researchers, professors or students. It supports research and teaching, strengthens cooperation and promotes innovation, but also helps to promote the country. It is a great day for the school. We are looking forward to a fruitful and successful partnership!" added Dr Ricardo Reis.

"For the NCI Agency, it is the first cooperation agreement that we have established with a Portuguese University. The agreement is about opportunities and sharing expertise; we bring cyber and IT expertise; you bring the innovation and the business expertise," said Mr Scaruppe

This Cooperation Agreement allows further Technical Cooperation Agreements to be added in the future, with no financial implications for either side.


An exploratory meeting took place at the university in Lisbon, between Jean-Paul Massart, NCI Agency Education and Training Service Line Chief and Dr Ricardo Reis, PhD. The aim was to establish a generic agreement to allow further developments concerning the exchange of know-how and professors.

"This agreement is crucial for Education and Training as it opens doors for future cooperation with others and is an illustration of the Agency ambitions to form Partnerships," said Jean-Paul Massart.

Portuguese Industry Day at NATO Headquarters

Following the ceremony, the Agency and Portuguese Industry representatives discussed "How to do business with the NCI Agency", shared the professional experience and reviewed the Portuguese Industry portfolio, with aim to highlight further potential opportunities that can be carried upon. The event was concluded with a very active networking session.