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06 5 2014

COL Nicolella Farewell trip

Colonel Dario Nicolella, Commander of the NCI Agency Sector Naples, will retire 10 July 2014. Prior his retirement, he decided to greet all the subordinated sites/units deployed under Sector Naples' Area of Responsibility in Italy.

His farewell trip started with a visit of the 7th SATCOM in Tarquinia on 12 May. The following day, he met the staff working in Center of Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE) NCI Agency Support Element (NSE) in La Spezia. He proceeded to Poggio Renatico, visiting the "T" sites in St. Anna Alfaedo, including site "R" in Erbezzo. His tour ended with the SATCOM facility located in Lughezzano.

During the visit of CMRE NSE in La Spezia, Commander Nicolella met the Director of the unit Mr Hank Ort, Rear Admiral (rtd), NLD N, who bestowed the Crest of the Agency, in gratitude for the proven and appreciated cooperation to COL Nicolella. The Director congratulated him for the exceptional dedication and the high level of professionalism that the NSE men and women have presented in recent years. At Poggio Renatico, Commander Nicolella met with Jan D.A. Roberto Nordio, DACCC Commander. The Commander took advantage of his visit to update the staff of the upcoming future developments and the new structure of the Agency. With his sincere and articulate farewell, he urged everyone to continue their unparalleled professionalism, continuously demonstrated throughout his command.