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08 2 2016

Close collaboration to align capabilities

NCI Agency General Manager Koen Gijsbers, spoke to Fedscoop.com after his tour of the West Coast with US Defense Department Chief Information Officer Terry Halvorsen and his counterparts from several Allied Nations.

The tour, which included visits to Amazon, Microsoft, Google and other Industry leaders, was part of an ongoing strategic outreach. On the trip were CIOs or deputy CIOs from Australia, Canada, Germany, Japan, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

MGEN (ret) Koen Gijsbers told Fedscoop.com: "What I took away from it was that first of all, industry is recognizing the specific position that defense has, and you see some of the cloud providers willing to develop on-premise or specific clouds."

The visit was also a valuable occasion to bring together high-level representatives from defence institutions of several countries

Talking about NATO, MGEN Gijsbers continued: "We very much have a responsibility in making sure that different capabilities of the nations can work together."

"And that's why it's very important to be part of the innovative activities, not only in the U.S., but also in Europe. The fact that we were together I think was also a good message to industry that we are very closely collaborating in order to get our capabilities aligned."

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Close collaboration to align capabilities